Duduk,, lihat dan fikir~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

disayangi,, tersayang!~

In the name of Allah,,

Sometimes it is hard,, sometimes it is so absurd..
We might get into rows or even misunderstandings,

If I have done anything wrong,, please tell me..
I am just a normal human,,
A slave to my God,,
who will always make errs, without realizing it..

Sometimes we hate each other,,
Without knowing why,,
Maybe it is our ego,,
or perhaps the syaitaan zealously fills our heart with hatred,,
Syaitaan loves to see us fight with each other,,
So,, my beloved friend..
If the syaitaan ever tries to fill my heart with the feeling of hate towards you,,
I will try my hard,,
to remember all the good things you have done to me,,
I will try my hard,,
to forget all the bad things that had happened between us..

so,, do not be scared..
I love you,, because you are my beloved friend..
I will always love you,,
because we are sisters with the same deen,,
we have the same faith,,
we believe in Allah,,
and we will sacrifice everything for Allah..

For that,, I love you..
And hope to meet you,,
in the Jannah!~

Take note ye,, ummul hadhirah especially.. ALSO,, zatie khlidi,, cuna,, qira,, farah,, kty,, nana,, nab malek,, adibah,, kak ain,, lydia and all 501 also khalidians.. ngee~ good luck utk trial!~